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The Generations group encourages a collaborative environment where members of all ages recognize strengths and skills in each other and explore opportunities to grow.

At IAAP, we recognize it’s increasingly important to know the expectations, experiences, and perspectives each generation brings. This group will be a safe space for expression of ideas and challenges.

Hilen Flores

Hilen Flores boasts over two decades of professional experience, distinguished for their strategic acumen and exceptional leadership as an Executive Assistant. Currently fulfilling the role of Executive Assistant to the Vice Provost of Continuing and LifeLong Education at North Carolina State University, Hilen skillfully guides and harmonizes a wide array of projects and initiatives, ensuring alignment with overarching strategic goals. Possessing a sharp attention to detail and a talent for enhancing operational efficiency, Hilen assumes a central role in coordinating division-wide events, refining operational processes, and optimizing office procedures in support of divisional initiatives and program development.

With a diverse background spanning various organizations, Hilen has held pivotal roles contributing to their expertise in strategic planning and execution. As the Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer at Damovo Group in North Carolina, Hilen demonstrated exceptional foresight and agility in navigating complex challenges and driving organizational success.

Furthermore, as the Director of Operations at Be Polite Properties, Hilen spearheaded initiatives to boost productivity, streamline processes, and attain operational excellence, showcasing proficiency in strategic decision-making and execution.

A native of New York, Hilen gained valuable experience at renowned corporations such as KPMG, AIG, and Heidrick & Struggles before relocating to North Carolina in 2020. Grounded in academic excellence, Hilen graduated from Skidmore College in New York with a Bachelor of Arts in Business-Economics and a Minor in French and International Affairs. This educational foundation, combined with her extensive professional journey, has equipped her with a comprehensive skill set and a profound understanding of business dynamics, essential for excelling in executive support roles.

Throughout her career, Hilen has consistently showcased outstanding leadership, excellence, and a dedication to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts, playing an integral role in driving organizational success. With a strategic mindset and a proactive approach, she adeptly navigates the intricacies of the corporate landscape, continually delivering invaluable contributions to her respective organizations.

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